The HopToDesk Dashboard: A Simple Solution for Remote Device Management


2 min read

The HopToDesk dashboard has arrived and is now accessible for all users, for free. It streamlines the process of overseeing your remote devices, facilitating the creation of invite links to seamlessly integrate new devices into your team, and allowing you to personalize your avatar image for a professional touch during outgoing remote sessions.

Here's a closer look at the key features of our dashboard:

Device List and Status
At the core of HopToDesk's dashboard is the user-friendly device list. This feature allows you to effortlessly view a comprehensive list of your connected devices, complete with real-time status indicators—all conveniently displayed in one place.

Share and Collaborate With Invite Links
With HopToDesk, generating invite links and sharing them with others to connect remote devices to your dashboard is a breeze. When users click on your invite link, it directs them to the appropriate HopToDesk download for their operating system. Once opened, the remote device's ID and details will appear on your device list.

Customize Your Avatar Image
Enhance your outgoing connection experience by letting your customers, clients, or other remote partners view more details about the incoming connection. With the ability to display a custom avatar, you can improve identification or brand visibility. Whether you're representing a company or simply aiming to add a personal touch to your remote sessions, this feature helps establish a unique and professional image.

Choose Your Own Network Settings
The HopToDesk dashboard also offers the flexibility to fully customize the networking details on your local device, including TURN relays and signaling servers. With the Customize Network setting, you have the power to optimize your network configuration as needed. Easily apply your networking changes directly from the dashboard by using the Sync buttons.

The HopToDesk dashboard is currently in beta and offers a set of basic features. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional features you'd like to see integrated.