IT Solutions for Working from Home


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According to a recent report from Forbes, 74% of professionals expect remote work to become the standard. During the recent pandemic, many workers became accustomed to the convenience of their home office and are not too eager to give that up. In efforts to attract the best talent and to keep their current employees, many business are offering permanent work from home positions, or compromising by offering working from home part time.

Saving Time with Remote Desktop

To adapt to these changes, businesses should ensure they have the necessary tools and software to seamlessly integrate work from home workers into their current network and flow. One problem that business need to solve is how to quickly assist workers with their work from home environment or fix technical issues using software systems used during the normal course of work. Rather than attempting to guide an employee or contractor over the phone or messaging, it is often more efficient to provide a direct remote desktop connection with an IT professional or other co-worker allowing them see the device screen and take control if needed.

Countless Solutions from Anywhere

Remote access software allows for a variety of activities, from just about anywhere. IT professionals, team members, family members and educators can provide help or teach in a variety of ways:

  • Setting up accounts
  • Install and update software
  • Educate and learn with co-browsing
  • General help with a desktop or mobile device
  • System cleanup and virus removal
  • Remotely controlling a Smart TV
  • Preform diagnostics

Security Matters

When choosing a remote accesses software platform, the first thing to consider is security. Make sure the software is compatible with your company security protocols and offers key features like end-to-end encryption, 2FA, and secure networking. Well known companies monitor usage and can collect and sell your private information. Choosing a company that places high value on security and privacy is a priority.

Versatility is Your Friend

Platform compatibility is also an important factor when choosing a remote desktop solution. More platform and operating support means the better connectivity and interoperability. For example, if an IT support technician is on a Mac and you are on a PC, the ideal remote desktop software would be available for both operating systems, as well as Linux, Android and iOS devices for a seamless experience.

Relax, It's Free

Finally, price is a top consideration when choosing a remote access platform. Many small businesses might think they need to spend more to get a reliable and secure remote access platform. However we at HopToDesk are doing our best to provide you the best free remote desktop solution for your personal and business needs. Try it out today, we welcome your feedback.