Introducing HopToDesk, a Free and Simple Remote Desktop App


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The worldwide number of devices is in the tens of billions and continuously growing, as is the need to connect them with people, whether they may be across the room or in another country. From accessing a work computer from home, providing remote assistance, or controlling a smart TV, the ability to safely and reliably control and access remote devices is of growing importance.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Remote Desktop

Why another remote desktop app? There are plenty of existing solutions already such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, VNC, etc... however each have their own advantages and limitations. Some have free trials that expire in a few days. Some may be easy to use but costly, which may not make sense for personal users or small businesses, especially if they intend to manage many remote devices as licensing is often based on users or installed devices. Some, like VNC, are usually free but more complicated to set up for the remote user as it usually involves changing router or firewall rules to configure port forwarding or open ports. Some only work on a few types of devices such as Windows. And some even monitor their user's activity, distinguish between business and personal use, and prevent the software running again if business use was detected.

Aiming High With HopToDesk

HopToDesk aims to improve the user experience by providing a free, easy-to-use, and secure remote desktop solution for all major device types including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome Books, iOS, and even Raspberry Pi devices. HopToDesk does not and cannot monitor user activity as the application uses end-to-end encryption for all traffic, and does not make a distinction between personal and business use (both are allowed). Additionally, HopToDesk includes many of the main features of common remote desktop solutions such as Unattended Access, File Transfer, Live Chat, Wake-On-LAN, 2FA, Direct IP access, a Recent Session and Favorite list, and is available in over 20 languages.

Feedback and Contributions Welcome

If you would like to give HopToDesk a try, head over to our downloads area and choose the version you need, open the app, and you are ready to connect to the remote device. Just that simple. The project is open source and we welcome new features, improvements, and contributions from the community.