Your Own HopToDesk Network on AWS

Apr 18, 2023·

2 min read

HopToDesk has recently launched a self-hosted option on the AWS Marketplace (Amazon Web Services) for users wishing to run their own private network for the HopToDesk remote desktop software client. This is a great solution for businesses or organizations that intend to manage their own devices within their private network, or use a custom version of HopToDesk for their clients or managed devices. Quickly deploy to your private cloud and easily manage the instance with all of the standard features and services of AWS.

Self-hosting with AWS is a secure option for running HopToDesk within your private network, as your devices will not be accessible from the normal HopToDesk network. Additionally, any peer signaling data is passed through your own AWS instance, bypassing the HopToDesk network completely. This gives you greater control and security over your data for remote desktop connections.

Deploying HopToDesk on AWS is straightforward. Simply navigate to the AWS Marketplace, select the HopToDesk product, and launch it on your preferred instance type. From there, you can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of AWS by configuring permissions and deploying on multiple instances to scale up or down as needed, depending on your needs.

HopToDesk on AWS is a free product, only pay AWS for the instance time and resources according to their billing agreement. If you are interested to run your own private HopToDesk network in the AWS cloud and benefiting from the security, scalability, and reliability of AWS, check out HopToDesk on the AWS Marketplace.